Why Us

Why Us

Liquid Vision's business model is based primarily on developing and then implementing the appropriate digital strategy for clients.

Its consultants and teams of contractors specialise in planning and helping to implement effective e-business and e-marketing & e-sales solutions.

The reputation of its teams of consultants, designers and programmers is based on:
  • sound business analysis;
  • a clear understanding of digital strategy;
  • user-centric design; and 
  • best practice regarding internet programming.
Liquid Vision has developed e-Marketing campaigns and e-Business platforms for SMEs as well as for ASX companies, including Freedom, Samsung, BHP and Coca Cola.

At Liquid Vision we really enjoy what we do and believe that it shows in our work. If you like what we do and think we could work together, then Contact Us >>

Peter McNamara BA LLB (Melb) MBA (Wharton) 

"The Rise of the Chief Digital Officer":

 "The last two years have seen the rise of the Chief Digital Officer, a senior executive who sits at the right hand of the CEO and is seen as instrumental to the future of the organization. For many companies, especially those in the retail and leisure sectors, digital is the fastest growing revenue stream, and a Chief Digital Officer (or, sometimes, SVP Online) is extremely important in driving that growth. In some sectors, such as traditional media, the CDO often will have been hired to help transform the company as its products evolve digitally." (Recruitment specialist, Russell Reynolds)

The person for the CDO role is not the social media expert nor the digital marketing manager, but nor is it the CIO."The chief digital officer plays in the space where the enterprise meets the customer, where revenue is generated and mission accomplished."

A CDO requires a number of skills, from transactional, marketing, customer service, usability as well as a change manager focused on people not just on technology. Experience is critical and the CDO would need exceptional people skills for external and internal education strategy; the role is a morphing of a CMO, CIO and CEO.


Liquid Vision has qualified as a Partner of Kentico Content Management Systems.

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